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Rainbow Sponge – 3 Layers


Feel free to ask us what you really need, you can choose the colours and the number of layers.

Ingredients : Margarine, caster sugar, self raising flour, eggs, vanilla extract, baking powder, milk, food colour/gel, salted butter, icing sugar.

Food colour :
Sky blue : Humectant : E422, water, Modified starch (Tapioca), colour : E133.
Red : Humectant : E422, colours : E129, E102, E122, water.
Lime : Humectant : E422, water, Modified starch (Tapioca), colour : E102, E133.
Pink : Humectant : E422, water, colours : E122, Modified starch (Tapioca).
Yellow : Humectant : E422, water, colour : E102, Modified starch (Tapioca).
Orange : Humectant : E422, water, colours : E102, E129, Modified starch (Tapioca).

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10 Person, 8 Person

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