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Gillot’s pasteurised camembert is a testament to Normandy’s culinary heritage. Sourced from selected farms within 40km of the Gillot cheese dairy, and traditionally hand moulded in their workshops, this cheese embodies the local taste that defines the region. Artfully made, this soft cheese with a bloomy rind reflects the simplicity and authenticity of Normandy’s dairy tradition. Gillot camembert is rich, buttery, and creamy with a distinct earthy and mushroom flavour. As it ripens, the cheese becomes more pungent, intensifying its aromas and creating a harmonious balance of textures and tastes. A classic baked camembert pairs perfectly with a traditional, crusty baguette – the perfect canvas to showcase the cheese’s creaminess. Take it a step further and pair with some slices of apple and pear, or try with some gingerbread, prunes, or walnuts as part of an indulgent charcuterie board. Founded in 1912 in the heart of the Orne countryside, Fromagerie Gillot has been dedicated to crafting traditional Normandy cheeses from raw milk for over a century. Today, under the leadership of the Fléchard family, it stands as the last independent SME manufacturer of camembert AOP and Pont l’Evêque. The cheese factory is a staunch advocate for the authenticity of camembert de Normandie AOP and raw milk cheeses, prioritising the aromatic richness of raw milk in their products. Gillot is dedicated to preserving French gastronomic heritage by sourcing milk within a 40 km radius from family farms committed to animal welfare and environmental sustainability. The heart of Gillot’s cheese dairy is its camembert hand-moulding workshop, where experienced moulders delicately deposit over 77,000 ladle strokes daily, blending traditional techniques with modern technology to ensure diversity, quality, and tradition.

Ingredients : Pasteurised cow’s MILK, salt, coagulating enzyme, ferments (MILK).

Weight : 250g

Average energy and nutrition values per 100g

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